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Build Status

Oldschool Forum Software. Design tenets are:

  • Should be at least somewhat usable on a potato using an EDGE connection
  • Performance and correctness over feature richness
  • Javascript should be optional, UI shouldn't second guess user agents
  • Responsive pages
  • Should be able to withstand the spamocalypse
  • Development using notepad is highly encouraged

Setting it up

You'll need pip and npm installed to grab dependencies, both should be available through your OS's package manager.

Start by cloning the project. Copy the test_settings.py file into the ISS app directory and rename it settings.py. This defines a test forum and uses the postgres driver. If you'd like to use a different DB edit the file appropriately the search functionality depends on postgres' text search and indexing behavior in a non-driver-portable way. You could probably use another DB with some minor fiddling with the source but only postgres is being tested against.

Next install serverside dependencies from the top level of the project:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Using a virutal env is encouraged for your sanity but entirely optional.

Next run the migrations to init the DB:

$ ./manage.py migrate

We also use a DB cache so you need to create that table separately:

$ ./manage.py createcachetable

The default settings also specify a default cache as a LocMemCache. If you're running in a production environment you're encouraged to use Redis or memcahced as these will be significantly more performant if you're running multiple WS instances. After setting up caches you can create yourself an account:

$ ./manage.py createsuperuser
Username: Lanny
Email: l@l.lol
Password (again): 
Superuser created successfully.

Install the frontend dependencies:

$ cd ISS/static-src
$ npm install

And build the frontend assets:

$ cd ISS/static-src
$ gulp generate

The gulp watch task is also defined for file watching/rebuilding.

Once all that's done you can start up the dev server and start making changes:

$ ./manage.py runserver

If you want rotating banners drop them in ISS/static/banners and restart the server. You can make up some test data using thing admin interface (url /admin/)


Every ISS instance must define a FORUM_CONFIG setting. Default values exist for every key so it may be empty. Here is a list of the recognized properties and what each does:

Option Description Default
forum_name The name of the site as presented to users. Used in a couple of places, notably breadcrumbs and page titles. 'INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION'
forum_domain Domain used in composing absolute urls (only used in emails) 'yourdomain.com'
banner_dir A path, relative to the static dir (in the src tree) that contains an arbitrary number of forum banners in jpg, gif, or png format. One of the files from this dir will be randomly selected for the page banner on each page load. 'banners'
min_post_chars The minimum length, in characters, of a post. 1
max_post_chars The maximum length of a post, in characters. Defaults to the number of characters in the first chapter of Dune 19476
min_thread_title_chars The minimum length, in characters, of a thread title 1
threads_per_forum_page The number of threads to be per page in a thread list like a subforum or in thread searches
posts_per_thread_page The number of posts to show on each page of a thread by default. Users may override this value. 20
ninja_edit_grace_time The amount of time, in seconds, after post creation that a user can edit their post without it being branded with an edit notice and timestamp. 120
private_message_flood_control The number of seconds users must wait after sending a private message before they can send a new one. 30
title_ladder Used for assigning users a user title based on their post count. See utils.py for the format. see utils.py
recaptcha_settings Either None or a 2-tuple with your reCAPTCHA site(public) and secret keys in that order to be used at registration time. If this is None users will be able to register without solving a captcha. None
max_avatar_size The maximum filesize for avatars, in bytes. Regardless of this value the display size of avatars is constrained to 75px in either dimension 128kB
extensions A list of forum extensions to be enabled. Currently only 'taboo' is available []
min_age_to_anonymize A timedelta indicating how long an account needs to have existed before it can anonymize itself timedelta(days=28)
min_posts_to_anonymize The minimum number of posts an account must have made before it can anonymize itself 151
initial_account_period_total The number of posts an account must have to exit the post rate limiting period 150
initial_account_period_limit The number of posts a new account may make within a given time period 20
initial_account_period_width The time period in which a new account is allowed to make at most initial_account_period_limit posts timedelta(days=1)
captcha_period The number of posts an account must make before it will no longer need to complete a captcha with each post 0
enable_registration Allow new users to register accounts without an invite. True
enable_invites Allow registration of new accounts with invites False
invite_expiration_time The length of time an invite will remain valid after being generated
max_embedded_items The maximum number of images or videos a single post is allowed to contain. Do not set too high, a page with 100 embedded youtube videos will lock up many browsers 5