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List of Cocoa conferences for iOS & macOS developers
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To see the list of conferences go here:

List of Cocoa conferences for iOS & macOS developers.

Adding a new conference

The site is generated from this file; add new conferences there in YAML format.

When editing an existing conference, there is no need to manually remove the corresponding date fields for past conferences; those are updated automatically. Your entry should look like this:

- name: The name of the conference
  link: The URL for the conference website
  location: Text briefly describing where the conference will be held
  start: The day the conference starts (in "year-month-day" format)
  end: The day the conference ends (in "year-month-day" format)
  cocoa-only: true or false
      link: The url at which prospective speakers my respond to the Call For Papers
      deadline: the last day on which a talk proposal may be submitted (in "year-month-day" format)


The following example provides all of the necessary information. It describes a conference occurring from March 4 to March 6, 2019. It is applicable to Cocoa developers, and includes information about how to respond to the call for papers.

- name: Example Conf 2019
  location: 🏴 Anytown, Atlantis
  start: 2019-03-04
  end: 2019-03-06
  cocoa-only: true
      deadline: 2019-01-31

This example provides some of the information, but omits the call for papers information. Perhaps it is not known, or perhaps the conference is not accepting submissions.

The cfp section of an item may be left incomplete, or may be omitted entirely.

- name: Example Conf 2020
  location: 🏴 Anytown, Atlantis
  start: 2020-03-04
  end: 2020-03-06
  cocoa-only: false

For detailed information about the required information for a conference, check out the comments at the top of conferences.yml.

If you get stuck, just open an issue!


Adding a Conference

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Clone it locally.
  3. Add your conference to conferences.yml. It will be automatically sorted to the right spot on the website
  4. Open a PR 🎉

Work on the code locally

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Clone it locally.
  3. Run bundle install to install initial dependencies.
  4. Run bundle exec jekyll serve. The local site will be available at


Deploying is handled automatically when a commit is made to the master branch or your pull request is merged.

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