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Laser4DIY TEC Controller

TEC Controller board

This is the repository for the TEC (ThermoElectric Cooling) controller used in the Laser4DIY project.


  • Designed as a shield for the Arduino Due
  • 2-channel TEC controller, driving peltier elements up to 106W heat transfer capacity per channel (12A at 15.5V)
  • 2 boards can be stacked for a 4-channel TEC controller, driven by a single Arduino Due

Repository Layout

+ Firmware                      firmware directory
| + Firmware.ino                Main Arduino firmware source code file
| + functions_PWM_DAC.ino       source code
| + LICENSE.txt                 license for the fimware
| + main_loop.ino               source code
| + main_setup.ino              source code
+ Hardware                      hardware directory
| + cern_ohl_v_1_2_howto.pdf    Howto for the used hardware license
| + CHANGES.txt                 list of hardware changes
| + finalboard.jpg              photo of the final board
| + LICENSE.txt                 license for the hardware
| + README.txt                  hardware readme
| + schematic.png               schematic
| + TEC-Controller.brd          board layout
| + TEC-Controller.sch          schematic


The TEC Controller is documented at FabLab München Wiki.

Known Issues

See Open Issues.


The hardware documentation is licensed under CERN OHL v.1.2.

The firmware is licensed under GPLv3.

For details see licensing info in the respective sub directories.

Copyright FabLab München e.V. 2018

Laser4DIY is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research