Models and scripts to access the Bugzilla REST API.
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This package defines remoteobjects models and some scripts for all the resources provided in Gervase Markham's Bugzilla REST API. Right now it's pretty damn slow. I hope that will change.


Currently, this package depends on a pre-release version of remoteobjects, so we'll have to do this the long way.

  1. Check out the code:

    git clone git://
  2. (optional) Create your virtualenv using virtualenvwrapper:

    mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages bztools
  3. Install pip:

    easy_install pip
  4. Install the dependencies for bztools:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Run so the scripts are installed to your bin directory:

    python install

Now you'll have bzattach installed in the /bin directory of your virtual environment. To use the script, you'll have to activate this environment with workon bztools.



from bugzilla.agents import BMOAgent
from bugzilla.utils import get_credentials

# We can use "None" for both instead to not authenticate
username, password = get_credentials()

# Load our agent for BMO
bmo = BMOAgent(username, password)

# Set whatever REST API options we want
options = {
    'changed_after':    '2010-12-24',
    'changed_before':   '2010-12-26',
    'changed_field':    'status',
    'changed_field_to': 'RESOLVED',
    'product':          'Core,Firefox',
    'resolution':       'FIXED',
    'include_fields':   '_default,attachments',

# Get the bugs from the api
buglist = bmo.get_bug_list(options)

print "Found %s bugs" % (len(buglist))

for bug in buglist:
    print bug