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LegionDark Issue Tracker

Welcome to the LegionDark private server issue tracker. Here you can find and create bug reports that involve issues currently happening on the LegionDark server. This tracker is to help keep an organized collection of issues for developers to work on and fix. This tracker is not for anything except bugs/issues happening on the LegionDark server.

The DarkStar Project (aka "DSP") which all servers are based on has its own separate tracker here: https://github.com/DarkstarProject/darkstar/issues

When in doubt as to who to report your issue to, use our tracker and we will investigate/forward the issue to them if it is needed.
You may occasionally be asked if you can report an issue to DSP if staff is unavailable, but we try to do that ourselves. If you are 100% certain the bug is not something you will need GM help with (example: broken mission) or specific to a customization (Example: Wonder NM) you can safely report the problem directly to them.

If the issue you would like to report concerns a Job Ability or Job Trait, do not report it here unless you are 100% certain it was already working. You can look up every job on the wiki to see what works and what doesn't. Additionally DarkStar has its own wiki with a page for this as well. Any ability or trait that doesn't yet exist is a DSP problem not a LegionDark problem.

Issue Report Template.

When creating a new issue, please be sure to fill out info requested by the template, which is the pre-filled text in the edit box of new issues. Failure to provide information asked for in this template or removing the formatting characters may result in your issue being closed without warning or response!

If you wish to request a password reset,
or have lost login information:

Please refer to this post. Don't count on exceptions being made for you - if you shared your account with someone thats on you, not us, and register that email.