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Limit Point

Software for iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

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  1. LivePhoto LivePhoto Public

    A single-file library for working with Apple Live Photos

    Swift 276 33

  2. PlotAudio PlotAudio Public

    Draws audio waveforms

    Swift 5

  3. ScaleVideo ScaleVideo Public

    Scales video in time domain

    Swift 3 1

  4. double-shot double-shot Public

    Two image OpenCV homography panorama stitcher

    C++ 2 2

  5. ReverseAudio ReverseAudio Public

    Reverses one channel of an audio file into another 1-channel WAV audio file

    Swift 1

  6. ScaleAudio ScaleAudio Public

    Scales all channels in time domain of an audio file into another multi-channel audio file

    Swift 1 1


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