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rm1 rm2 opkg launchers Mentioned in Awesome reMarkable


Demonstration here

The linux tablet driver was moved here.

Thanks to Evidlos implementation making it a lot easier to use. Please also check out his solution if you're interested in this software.


The basic concept:

  • A python script / c program reads the data of the wacom input (codes taken from libremarkable)
  • This script provides a server on port 33333 over usb and wifi
  • A client script on your pc reads the data from the server and acts accordingly.

This repository contains two components:

  • A server (on the reMarkable)
    • Files that start with rm
    • Has both a python as well as a c implementation
  • A client (on your computer)
    • Files that start with pc

Setting it up


You can either run the python version, the precompiled c binary or compile it yourself.

The easiest one is using the precompiled c binary.

Using the precompiled c binary

  • Download the latest binary called rmServeWacomInput (without any extension) here.
  • Copy the binary to your reMarkable using scp, FileZilla, WinSCP or similar software.
  • Open a ssh session with the device (Putty can be used on windows).
  • Execute the binary with ./rmServeWacomInput
    • If that fails ensure you are in the correct directory or run chmod +x rmServeWacomInput and try running it again

Using the python script

  • Copy the file to the device using scp, FileZilla, WinSCP or similar software.
  • Open a ssh session with the device (Putty can be used on windows).
  • Install the entware package manager for the reMarkable
  • To use it run export PATH="${PATH}:/opt/bin/:/opt/sbin/" or put that into ~/.bashrc to be permanent
  • Run opkg install python3
  • Run the script using python3 or just ./


  • Install python 3
  • Open a command prompt and run pip3 install pynput. If that fails try without the 3 in pip3.
  • Clone/Download this repository
  • Go into the directory of this repository using your command prompt
  • Ensure the server is already running as described above
  • Run one of the files beginning with pc using python3 or python in front
    • e.g. python3


Both scripts can be edited with most text editors (don't use notepad on windows).

Change the values in the config section to appropriate ones.