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Beginner's guide to building a full stack JavaScript web app with Elasticsearch

Welcome to season 2 of Mini Beginner's Crash Course to Elasticsearch and Kibana.

In this series, we will be building a full stack app(Node.js & React) that enables users to search for earthquake data stored in Elasticsearch!


Two Ways to Learn

We all have preferred method of learning so choose the format that works for you:

1. Video format(YouTube playlist)

Season 2 video titles start with S2 and has a thumbnail background similar to the following! image

2. Blog format (

How to use this repo

This repo contains multiple branches that serve as complementary resource to season 2 YouTube episode/blog.

Follow the YouTube episodes/blogs in sequential order and use this repo as a supplementary resource. The videos/blogs contain the link to the corresponding repo branch.

Running the App locally

If you wish to download the project, follow these instructions.

Downloading the repo

Go to the page of the branch you wish to download.

Click on the Code button(blue box) to display the drop down menu.


Click on the Download Zip option(red box).

Once the code is downloaded, double click on the file to unzip it.

Move the unzipped file to your desired location.

I recommend that you change the name to something shorter as the downloaded project will have the following name:

Cd into the project directory.

Depending on which episode/blog/branch you are working on, the corresponding repo will contain only the server side code or both the server and client side code.

Start the server

Execute these commands in the terminal in the following order.

//in the project directory
npm install
npm start

Start the client

Execute these commands in a new terminal in the following order.

//in the project directory
cd client
npm install
npm start

The recommended browser for this project is Google Chrome.

Don't forget!

This project requires creating an Elastic Cloud deployment and adding the Elastic Cloud access credentials to the config/default.json file.

The steps on how to accomplish these tasks are outlined in the following blogs:

When running the project from branches 2-6, be sure to update the config/default.json file with your access credentials before running the project!


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