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A Flutter based app for storing (payment) subscriptions
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💲 Flutter App "iSubscriptions"

A Flutter app based on the design of "Subscription App" by Amruta A. Panganti, see more on: Dribbble.

This app is designed for iOS, so I've focused on the Cupertino-widgets. This was quite a new learning experience because these widgets worked slightly different.

Getting Started 🚀

  • Clone the repo
  • Install the dependicies
  • Run it


The app is based on Amruta's design, see a preview of the Flutter app result:

App preview

Version history

Version Date Comments
1.0 ~November 2019 Initial release


Feel welcome and free to submit issues, pull requests and features to this repo.

Support me

I really like to make as much (free) beautiful Flutter apps, so you get inspired! Hence you can support me by:

⭐️ this repo if you like it.


Buy Me A Coffee

Thank you in advanced 👍

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