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Deprecation warning

deprecated This module is old and the API is not really consistent. I recommend you to use:


Create PDFs using plain old HTML+CSS. Uses wkhtmltopdf on the back-end which renders HTML using Webkit.

Hightly inspired by PDFKit written in Ruby



npm install pdfkit



// PDFKit support multiples types (url, file, html) and any options for wkhtmltopdf
// run `wkhtmltopdf --extended-help` for a full list of options
var PDFKit = require('pdfkitjs');

pdf = new PDFKit('url', '');

pdf.toFile('google.pdf', function (err, file) {
  console.log('File ' + file + ' written');


PDFKit(type, url_file_or_html[, options[, spawnOptions[, logger]]])

options : Object corresponding on wkhtmltopdf arguments. run wkhtmltopdf --extended-help for a full list of options

spawnOptions : Options passed to child_process.spawn except exec who is the path to the wkhtmltopdf binary. (Default: wkhtmltopdf)

  • url
new PDFKit('url', '')
  • file
new PDFKit('file', 'path/to/some.html')
  • html
new PDFKit('html', '<h1>Hello</h1>')


You can pass a logger object that implemnts log, warn, debug methods. Default logger:

var baseLogger = {
  log: console.log,
  warn: console.warn,
  debug: console.log

To silent all logs, you can pass false.




Copyright (c) 2010 Loïc Mahieu.