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Lombiq Technologies Ltd.

A software and services company focusing on web development, training, hosting and consulting with open Microsoft technologies, predominantly Orchard Core CMS.

Lombiq Technologies

Lombiq Technologies is a software, training, and services company focusing on web development with open Microsoft technologies. Our main area of expertise is the Orchard Core content management system. We provide custom development, training, hosting, and consulting services and we are behind the first (and only) Orchard CMS SaaS, DotNest.

Our services

Software development

Our team's passion is developing software with care for clients who need help with their most extraordinary projects in the following frameworks:

  • Orchard Core
  • Orchard CMS
  • ASP.NET Core


We offer Orchard consulting in both Orchard editions, Orchard Core and Orchard CMS, including website and application development, and code review.


Our team of dedicated experts is here to help groups and individuals who want to learn about Orchard or simply broaden their coding knowledge. Our Orchard Dojo website contains several training sessions to help beginners become experts.

We also contribute a vast amount of code, documentation, and learning resources to the open-source ecosystem. These materials are also available for our partners to use even after we have delivered a successful project.


  • Hastlayer turns performance-critical sections of .NET programs into computer chips (FPGA). You can still update your software, but it will be a whole lot faster and more power-efficient.

  • DotNest We've developed DotNest as a software-as-a-service for Orchard CMS, enabling users to create their websites using Orchard in a flash. Today it runs more than 6000 websites.

Our team

Lombiq's team consists of highly skilled experts from diverse backgrounds:

Lombiq team 2021 summer

Open-source and open hearts

Apart from our activities in the open-source world, we also try to help other communities with our philanthropic activities. Most recently, we've delivered thousands of reusable masks to the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as help for refugees of the war in Ukraine, and again.

Would you like to contribute to our projects?

That would be really fantastic! If you've found one of our projects valuable and you'd like to contribute in any way please check out our guidelines and go ahead, we'd be very happy to welcome your efforts! Also, consider contributing, in-kind or otherwise, to the projects supported by us.

You can also check our profile on NuGet with packages for our open-source projects.

Would you like to get in touch with us? Feel free to reach out to us through our Social media accounts:

Or you can get in touch with us here.


  1. Demo Orchard Core CMS and Orchard 1.x module for for you to become an Orchard developer. This module completes the training materials under

    C# 123 51

  2. Looking for some useful Orchard Core extensions? Here's a bundle solution of all of Lombiq's open-source Orchard Core extensions (modules and themes). Clone and try them out!

    C# 19 10

  3. The Orchard Dojo Library is a portable package of Orchard CMS / Orchard Core goodies.

    Vim Snippet 10 11

  4. Visual Studio extension to help our work at Lombiq (, mainly with Orchard CMS (Orchard Core) development..

    C# 12 6

  5. Turning .NET assemblies into FPGA hardware for faster execution and lower power usage. See the Readme and

    C# 246 26

  6. SDK for developing Orchard Core themes and sites for DotNest, the Orchard Core SaaS.

    C# 1




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