Automatically updates a CloudFlare zone entry with the WAN IP of a Livebox (without resorting to an external service)
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Automatically updates a CloudFlare zone entry with the WAN IP of a Livebox, without resorting to an external service such as that limits the number of calls you can make.

It uses mechanize to crawl http://livebox which points to, Livebox's admin panel, that knows the WAN IP of your connexion (a.k.a external IP)

And the CloudFlare API to ensure the IP there is up to date.

It effectively replaces ddclient, which is a great tool but wasn't working properly for me.

What's the point?

With this tool, you can make turn any PC in your home as a web server, hosting a website or anything you want, without the fees sometimes associated with a static IP (when it is at all possible!).
Whenever your Livebox renews its WAN IP, your CloudFlare DNS record is updated to point to it. At no cost.

I use it to host

What do I need?

  • A CloudFlare account (I use the free plan, but it's a very neat service if you have bigger plans - pun intended), the associated email/API key and the name of the zone record you want to keep sync'd.
  • A LiveBox like this one -- although it make work with other models.


Usage: ruby liveflare.rb [OPTIONS]

    -P, --pid FILE            save PID in FILE when using -d option.
                              (default: /var/run/
    -d, --daemon              Daemonize mode
    -l, --log FILE            Logfile for output
    -k, --kill [PORT]         Kill specified running daemons - leave blank to kill all.
    -u, --user USER           User to run as
    -G, --group GROUP         Group to run as
    -a, --api-token [TOKEN]   Set CloudfFlare API token (REQUIRED)
    -e, --api-email [EMAIL]   Set CloudFlare account email (REQUIRED)
    -z, --api-zone [ZONE]     Set CloudFlare zone (REQUIRED) ex:
    -s, --password [PASSWORD] Livebox's admin password
                              (default: admin)
    -i, --interval [SECONDS]  Time to wait between IP checks
                              (default: 30)
    -q, --quiet               If defined, the script runs without outputing anything
    -t, --test                If defined, tests getting server's ip from the livebox and cloudflare then outputs them along with cloudflare's zone record
    -?, --help                Display this usage information.

Installing and configuring

mkdir liveflare && cd liveflare
git clone
bundle install
ruby liveflare.rb \

This will make a test run.
If this outputs the Livebox's WAN IP, CloudFlare's current IP in your DNS entry there, and a bunch of informations about the zone record, the configuration is fine. You can then make it run without -t and maybe with other options (like -d).

Don't forget to properly forward ports in your Livebox!

Tip: I use it through a systemd service in ArchLinux on my RaspberryPi so it's always running on my server.



Happy serving!