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My fork of Banks' Swiftmailer email module for Kohana 3.x
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classes Changed code for throwing Http_Exception for use with Kohana v3.3
config Basic port of 2.3.x email helper
vendor Updated swiftmailer
README.markdown Update email module for Kohana v. 3.2
init.php Loading vendor file in init.php instead of the Email_Core class


Email Module For Kohana 3.2

This is a direct port of the email helper from Kohana 2.3.3 source code.

It has been updated to work with SwiftMailer 4 and includes the libs dir from the 4.0.4 distribution.

Usage should be exactly as with old helper.

Methods defined:

Email::connect($config = NULL)

Creates SwiftMailer object. $config is an array of configuration values and defaults to using the config file 'email'.

Note: PopBeforeSmtp is not supported in this release as I didn't know what was required to set it up. It IS supported in Swiftmailer through the Swift_Plugins_PopBeforeSmtpPlugin plugin class. This can be used manually if required. If anyone can modify and test the connect() methd with this functionality I'll add it but I can't find documentation about how it used to work (i.e. is expected to work) so I have left it out for now.

Email::send($to, $from, $subject, $message, $html = false)

$to can be any of the following:

$from can be either a string email or array of email and name as above

More complex email (multipart, attachments, batch mailing etc.) must be done using the native Swift_Mailer classes. The Swift Mailer autoloader is included by connect() so you can use and class in the Swift library without worrying about including files.

The Swift_Mailer object setup by connect is returned by it so if you need to access it manually use:

    $mailer = Email::connect();

    // Create complex Swift_Message object stored in $message

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