Route optimization for MWS410 with OptiMap
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Route optimization for MWS410 with OptiMap


  • Added the ability to Export OptiMap's route to M3 Loading (MULS) and Unloading sequence (SULS) using API MYS450MI.AddDelivery, closing the loop of integrating M3 to OptiMap. (idea by Jesper Lyngsoe, script by Maxime Richard)


  • Made Warehouse dynamic: the Warehouse (WHLO) is now detected from the selected rows, and its address is dynamically retrieved using API MMS005MI.GetWarehouse; no need to specify the Warehouse address as a parameter anymore.
  • Improved error messages
  • Made addressFields optional as parameter of the script
  • Added Delegate


  • Can now specify an optional Warehouse address as Argument of the script as the starting and ending points of the delivery route.


  • First version of the script, gets the ADR1, ADR2, and ADR3 of the selected rows, and sends to (idea by Philippe Michel, script by Thibaud Lopez Schneider)