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c spot run
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c spot run

For a brief overview of CSPOT, please see the wiki at

CSPOT depends on two other libraries

The makefile for CSPOT assumes they are at the same level as the main cspot direcotry. To build in some directory

git clone git clone git clone

cd euca-cutils; make cd mio; make cd cspot; make

CSPOT requires CZMQ. If it isn't installed, there is a script (which must be run as root) in


that will update the current installation and install the necessary dependencies under CentOS 7.

Also, Docker will need to be installed and running. Under CentOS 7, running as root

yum -y install docker systemctl start docker

All of the example applications codes ae in cspot/apps. The build model assumes that the host machine is running CentOS 7 (see the github wiki for details)

The build process creates a Docker image in the local Docker repo for CSPOT with ZeroMQ and CZMQ installed.
CZMQ is not supported as packages for CentOS 7 so the Dockerfile pulls it from github. Also, the default installation of CZMQ is in /usr/local/lib which is not set in the the default LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable for CentOS 7. Thus, to run any CSPOT binary on the host,

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib

is necessary in the shell that launches the binary.

To enable rather verbose debugging in the CSPOT runtime, define DEBUG as a compile-time constant in the cspot source files and recompile.

The apps subdirectory contains several sample applications. Their function is documented on the CSPOT github wiki

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