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A lightweight pastebin/hastebin alternative with no hard frontend JS dependency.

Starting the app

You know the drill:

git clone
cd bin
npm install

Start the app with the ENV variables:

  • BIN_MONGO_CSTRING: your Mongo connection string.
  • BIN_PORT: port on which bin should listen to.
BIN_MONGO_CSTRING=mongodb://localhost:27017/bin-store \
	BIN_PORT=4000 \
	npm start

Customising mkr/bin

To customise your self-hosted version of mkr/bin, you can add these two files to /custom at the root directory:

└─ custom
	├─ style.css
	└─ addon.js

A boring note about JavaScript

I wrote mkr/bin because as much as I love JavaScript, I found the heavy clientside JavaScript dependency in hastebin undesirable. I tried to avoid using clientside JavaScript as much as possible, and mkr/bin will work completely fine on JavaScript disabled browsers. The only things that will not work are keybindings and small things that you can live without. mkr/bin also sends nothing back to my server except the data you want to store. I don't process or store anything else on the server. Settings such as toggling the sidebar is stored on the clientside, so if you clear or if you don't persist your localStorage, you'll see that the sidebar will reappear every time you reload. I will not also accept any PR that creates hard JS dependency for the client. Cheers!


Minimal pastebin alternative with no hard frontend JavaScript dependency








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