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Generic ring buffer manager library
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Generic ring buffer manager

Library provides generic FIFO ring buffer implementation.


  • Written in ANSI C99, compatible with size_t for size data types
  • Platform independent, no architecture specific code
  • FIFO (First In First Out) buffer implementation
  • No dynamic allocation
  • Uses optimized memory copy instead of loops to read/write data from/to memory
  • Thread safe when used as pipe with single write and single read entries
  • Interrupt safe when used as pipe with single write and single read entries
  • Suitable for DMA transfers from and to memory with zero-copy between buffer and application memory
  • Supports data peek, skip for read and advance for write

Examples and resources

For examples, please check second repository, available at


Full API documentation with description and examples is available and is regulary updated with the source changes


I invite you to give feature request or report a bug. Please use issues tracker.

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