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Bring your Perl 6 workflow to the next level!

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P6Dx provides a platform for leveraging language workflow tools in any text editor. The included p6dx bin script provides several flags with easy access to:

  • Code completions (per file, per package, even required packages)
  • Syntax checking (cascading rule declarations)
  • And more? (Code coverage? ctags? let me know!)



panda install p6dx
zef install p6dx


Mostly TBD. You will be able to specify syntax rules in either a user's home folder, the project's base path, a manually supplied file, or via a special comment syntax.

Command Line

p6dx # displays help
p6dx --complete="$part_of_string" --file=$file_or_dir # completions
p6dx --tags --json # prints json format of all tags
p6dx --tags --ctag # prints ctag representation
p6dx --examine=$file_or_dir # syntax check [NOT YET IMPLEMENTED]


Currently no editors are using P6Dx, however after I've finalized some of the data design, I plan to integrate this into linter-perl6 for Atom Editor and then I'll try my hand at writing a Gedit plugin.


I'm gonna try and keep some high-level issues for each feature. Right now, I mostly need help hashing out conventions and solving bugs in my really early code. Feel free to submit PRs too though!


  • code coverage
  • ctags generation
  • code formatter