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Open-source Mafia game framework
Brought to you by @zaklaus, @DavoSK, @Romop5, and other contributors!


Most of you probably know a Czech legendary game Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. Released in 2002, it brought many of us an awesome experience full of action, emotions and realism. It is the game that can't be forgotten, the game that is seen as an example of how games should act like and what the possibilities truly are once passionate people decide to jump into a dream realisation.

As a tribute to our favorite game, we've decided to bring the soul a new skeleton, fully covered by modern tech, so that you can enjoy playing this game even after so many years. The decision to build tools and an engine, which will attempt to re-interpret the memories we've all had in our hearts and minds, to bring the nostalgic feeling back in front of our eyes, we seek to fullfill the ambition to bring the masterpiece and hear the whistles of the past once more.


We aim to create open-source tools for the game Mafia. The ultimate goal is to recreate the original game engine using Unity, to build up our framework and also simplify modding process.


We are currently using Unity version: 2019.3.9f1.

To get the project up and running, you will need Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven installed. This is because the project uses original game assets and these cannot be provided with the project by law. The game's .dta files must then be unpacked so that the raw assets are exposed.

Actual development takes place in develop branch and therefore is covering more features and possible fixes. We highly recommend to use develop branch until we reach the time once our project gets more stable (and starts using versioning semantics). master branch is considered stable but less developed and might also lack certain features which might introduce importing bugs or issues.

Progress so far

We recommend to visit our Discord server to be up-to-date about current status. The research on Mafia's native formats takes place here


We respect copyrights and intelectual property and you need to own the original game with all the game data in order for our tools to be useful to you.


If you'd like to join us and contribute, feel free to connect to our Discord server.


You can also sponsor us by donating money now! Check out the Sponsor button to see how to do that, your support will be very appreciated and will accelerate the development progress!


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