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Creates a scheduled task to continually update the Active Hours to stop forced reboots on Windows 10 Home
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Update Active Hours

Windows 10 Home does not allow users to shut off forced reboots that are caused by automatic updates. However, the user can set up to 12 Active Hours, during which the computer will not reboot. These scripts setup a scheduled task on the computer that runs every six hours daily. The scheduled task executes a powershell script that updates the registry values for the Active Hours start and end times so that the current time is always in Active Hours. This prevents the system from ever initiating a forced reboot.


The first script active_hours_scheduled_task.ps1 is used to create the scheduled task. The task itself runs the update_active_hours.ps1 script when the task is executed.

The script has 3 possible parameters:

  -taskName The name of the scheduled task (Default: Update Active Hours)

  -scriptLocation The location of the script to schedule (Default: C:\update_active_hours.ps1)

  -deleteTask Flag to delete the named scheduled task

If the update_active_hours.ps1 file is put into a custom location then the -scriptLocation parameter must be passed with the location of the script.

Default Example:

PS C:\> . "C:\Path To Script\active_hours_scheduled_task.ps1"

Custom Example:

PS C:\> . "C:\Path To Script\active_hours_scheduled_task.ps1" -taskName "My Custom Task" -scriptLocation "C:\My Custom Location\update_active_hours.ps1"

If you are just looking to get up and running as fast as possible then download the update_active_hours.ps1 script and place it in the base directory of your C:\ drive. Then run Powershell as an Administrator (by right clicking on the icon when launching) and then run the active_hours_scheduled_task.ps1 script using the default example above.

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