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Amoveo Cryptocurrency Miner for Gpu work to be used with

Tested Gpu Speeds:

  • Tesla V100: ??? Mh/s - Suggested BlockSize: 1024, Numblocks: 64
  • Tesla P100: ??? Mh/s - Suggested BlockSize: 192, Numblocks: 168
  • GTX1080 TI: 2900 Mh/s - Suggested BlockSize: 96, Numblocks: 168
  • GTX1060 6GB: 1300 Mh/s - Suggested BlockSize: 64
  • GTX1050: 550 Mh/s - Suggested BlockSize: 64
  • Tesla K80: 451 Mh/s - Suggested BlockSize: 128
  • 750TI: 323 Mh/s - Suggested BlockSize: 32

Default BlockSize is 64. Default NumBlocks is 96. Default SuffixMax is 65536.

  • Try various BlockSize setting values. Optimal setting for BlockSize is very personal to your system. Try BlockSize values like 96, 64, 32, or 128. A higher BlockSize is almost always better, but too high will crash the miner.
  • If you get too much OS lag, reduce the SuffixMax setting (at the cost of a some hash rate).
  • If your Memory Controller Load is constantly at 100%, you may want to try lowering your NumBlocks.

Best Settings from My Tests:

  • Gtx1060: BlockSize=64, NumBlocks=96
  • Gtx1050: BlockSize=64, NumBlocks=90
  • Tesla K80: BlockSize=128, NumBlocks=128
  • 750Ti: BlockSize=32, NumBlocks=64


Run Dependencies

  • Install Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition is free.)
  • Install Cuda 9.1


Latest pre-built releases are here


Example Usage:

AmoveoMinerGpuCuda.exe BPA3r0XDT1V8W4sB14YKyuu/PgC6ujjYooVVzq1q1s5b6CAKeu9oLfmxlplcPd+34kfZ1qx+Dwe3EeoPu0SpzcI=

Advanced Usage Template:

AmoveoMinerGpuCuda.exe <Base64AmoveoAddress> <CudaDeviceId> <BlockSize> <NumBlocks> <RandomSeed> <SuffixMax> <PoolUrl>
  • CudaDeviceId is optional an defaults to 0.
  • BlockSize is optional and defaults to 64.
  • NumBlocks is optional and defaults to 96.
  • RandomSeed is optional. Set this if you want multiple miners using the same address to avoid nonce collisions.
  • SuffixMax optional and defaults to 65536. Do NOT use anything higher than 65536. Lower numbers reduce OS lag and will reduce hash rate by a few percent.
  • PoolUrl is optional and defaults to


The Windows releases are built with Visual Studio 2015 with Cuda, RestCPP, boost, and openSSL.


Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install libcpprest-dev libncurses5-dev libssl-dev unixodbc-dev g++ git

Install CUDA9.1

sudo apt-key adv —fetch-keys
sudo dpkg -i cuda-repo-ubuntu1604_9.1.85-1_amd64.deb
sudo apt update
sudo apt install cuda -y

Add these lines to the end of ~/.bashrc

export CUDA_HOME=/usr/local/cuda
export PATH="/usr/local/cuda/bin:$PATH"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/cuda/lib64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"


git clone
cd ./AmoveoMinerGpuCuda

Donations are welcome:

  • Amoveo: BPA3r0XDT1V8W4sB14YKyuu/PgC6ujjYooVVzq1q1s5b6CAKeu9oLfmxlplcPd+34kfZ1qx+Dwe3EeoPu0SpzcI=
  • Ethereum: 0x74e0aF0522024f2dd94F0fb9B82d13782ECCaaF5