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The Mantevo Performance Co-design Project

Enabling performance design space exploration for HPC

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  1. miniMD miniMD Public

    MiniMD Molecular Dynamics Mini-App

    C++ 45 38

  2. miniFE miniFE Public

    MiniFE Finite Element Mini-Application

    C++ 27 31

  3. miniAMR miniAMR Public

    MiniAMR Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) Mini-App

    C 27 21

  4. miniAero miniAero Public

    MiniAero Unstructured Finite Volume Compressible Navier-Stokes Mini-App

    C++ 16 24

  5. HPCCG HPCCG Public

    High Performance Computing Conjugate Gradients: The original Mantevo miniapp

    C++ 15 16

  6. CloverLeaf CloverLeaf Public

    Compressible Euler equations on a Cartesian grid

    Fortran 12


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