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This is the Marble FHE framework, a C++ middleware library that translates between user programs written close-to-plaintext-style and FHE computations based on underlying FHE crpto libraries (HElib, SEAL,<your library here?>...). You can see an example of a plaintext function and the corresponding Marble version to get an idea of how the framework works. See the corresponding paper for more information.

In order to build Marble, run the following

git clone
cd Marble
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make all

You can then run the examples using e.g. ./MarbleSamples/ads/MarbleSamples_Ads for the ads example.

This repository currently holds v0.1 which is an out-of-date proof of concept version with support for HElib only. The current in-development version as presented at WAHC18 will be released as v1.0 (or at least v0.9 ;) soon (TM) once we are done updating from SEAL 2.3.1 to SEAL 3.0