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LifeLines Source Release, Version 3.1.1

This is the source distribution of the LifeLines system, a genealogy
software system.  To build and install LifeLines, please refer to
the installation instructions located in the INSTALL file.

GUI Versions of LifeLines for Windows and UNIX/GNOME are under
development.  Visit the LifeLines home page
(see end of file for URL) for details on how to obtain pre-compiled
or beta (test) copies of these versions.

The DOS text mode version has been integrated into the primary

The original author of LifeLines is Thomas T. Wetmore IV, who released
it to the open source community under a MIT-style licence (see LICENCE).

LifeLines is now maintained by the open source community, and is the
result of much effort by many people.  For a list of contributors, see