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This is a curated list dedicated to games developed using web technologies
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Awesome Frontend Games

This is a curated list dedicated to games developed using web technologies.

Usually some mix of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Canvas and/or WebGL.

This curation is to show off games that stand out. Also libraries or news pertaining to important developments in the industry. They prove that using web technologies are stable and mature enough for professional game development.


Full Games

Games where you can seriously spend a lot of time in and get immersed.

  • Game Dev Tycoon

    • Game about running your own game development studio, running software contracts on the side to help establish it and make it big
    • Very popular game that topped Steam charts for a while and was seen on many YouTube Let's Plays
    • NW.js with Steam integration
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery with Plugins
    • Translations via JSON using an online tool to allow translators to be involved easily
  • CrossCode

    • 2D Action RPG with great pixel art, a fantastic story and charming characters
    • Custom tooling around JSON files to flesh out the world
    • NW.js with Steam integration
    • Canvas, JavaScript, Impact.js Engine

    • Really high quality game for pinball, they didn't pull their punches
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebGL


Small games that are well put together where you could still end up getting hours of fun out of.


    • Fast-paced multiplayer game
    • Fly around a spaceship (third person) and try to blow others up
    • You can upgrade to newer ships
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebGL
  • Robostorm

    • Fast-paced multiplayer top-down game
    • Pilot a mech and blow others up
    • Very basic shop for upgrades
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebGL, Playcanvas engine and tools

    • Top-down multiplayer game, where you control a small tribe, gather food, etc.
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Canvas

    • Top-down multiplayer game with melee
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Canvas


Little charming experiences that stood out.

  • Moments of HAPPINESS
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebGL
    • Little creatures that react to the user, really nicely polished and minimal

How to get into frontend game dev



Websites that list other games out there, usually mostly low quality games though, but that goes for any platform in general. It's all just statistics: If 90% of everything is shit, then having a lot of shit means your gonna get a lot more of the 10% that are good, and the 10% of those that are awesome.

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