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helm-kythe.el is a Helm interface for Google Kythe.


  • emacs >= 25
  • dash >= 2.12.0
  • helm >= 2.0
  • Optional: evil-jumps, for jump list


helm-kythe-eldoc-function: this function will be add-function to eldoc-documentation-function when helm-kythe-mode is enabled. Kythe snippet of the definition will be displayed in the echo area when point is at a reference.


helm-kythe-mode: enable helm-kythe-mode. You will see Kythe in mode line.

helm-kythe-apply-decorations: helm-kythe.el uses text properties to mark definitions and references. When helm-kythe-mode is enabled, this command will be called automatically to fetch cross references information through HTTP API provided by /opt/kythe/tools/http_server. Call this command to update text properties in current buffer.



helm-kythe-dwim: find references if at the definition, otherwise find definitions.

helm-kythe-imenu: list toplevel definitions in current buffer.

helm-kythe-resume: resurrect previously invoked helm-kythe command.

helm-kythe-jump-backward, helm-kythe-jump-forward: helm-kythe maintains a separate jump list (helm-kythe jump commands) for each window. The two commands go to the older/newer position in the jump list.

Suggested key mapping

helm-kythe-map is defined for useful commands:

Key Command
a helm-kythe-apply-decorations
d helm-kythe-find-definitions
i helm-kythe-imenu
l helm-kythe-resume
r helm-kythe-find-references
C-d helm-kythe-find-definitions-other-window
C-i helm-kythe-jump-forward
C-o helm-kythe-jump-backward
C-r helm-kythe-find-references-other-window

If helm-kythe-prefix-key (default: (kbd "C-c k")) is not empty, it will be bound to helm-kythe-map, thus you can use C-c k d for helm-kythe-find-definitions.

Sample configuration

(add-hook 'c++-mode-hook 'helm-kythe-mode)
(add-hook 'c-mode-hook 'helm-kythe-mode)
(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook 'helm-kythe-mode)

 ;; helm-kythe.el talks to /opt/kythe/tools/http_server . This is where http_server listens to.
 '(helm-kythe-http-server-url "")
 ;; If the jump site (`kythe://?path=a/b/c.hs`) cannot be found relative to current project, try `/tmp/haskell-root/a/b/c.hs`.
 ;; For `kythe://corpus-c?root=root-c?path=a.c`), try `/tmp/c-root/a.c`.
   '(("/tmp/haskell-root" "" "")
     ("/tmp/c-root" "corpus-c" "root-c"))))