A free and open implementation of DCM based on FreeIMU
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This wants to be a SAFE, clean and easy to port implementation of the DCM algortihm.

There are many libraries out there, but this implementation as some great differences:

  • removed foregn code (ofted they they bumdled with a processing interface or test code or similar)
  • removed sensors code, and any dependecy on it
  • as portable as possibe (should run on any architecture, x86 and ARM-cortex M4 tested)
  • "drop in" as git submodule/subtree is easy
  • cleaned up the sensor code
  • added test for comparison with original code output (TODO: move in another projecct)

Because i wanted the repo to be just "drop in" without any clutter, test code for PC is located at https://github.com/MauroMombelli/FreeDCM_test Build Status

Test code for some MCU is being (slowly) developed and will be published when ready.

It is based on the code/ideas from: