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This is the Google Play Service module for Godot Engine (

  • Android only
  • Leaderboard only

How to use

Drop the "googleplayservice" directory inside the "modules" directory on the Godot source.

In android/AndroidManifestChunk.xml modify:

<meta-data android:name=""
  android:value="\ 012345678901" /> 

Replace your APP_ID value, it must begin with "\ ".

Yes there is uncomfortable because each apps have a unique value, I haven't found better solution yet.

  <meta-data android:name=""
    android:value="@integer/google_play_services_version" />

If your other module had this meta-data (such as Admob module) so delete this.


In your project:

file engine.cfg add


If you use multiple modules add with comma (without space) such as



	Custom Package:
		- place your apk from build
	Permissions on:
		- Access Network State
		- Internet

API Reference

The following methods are available:

  void init()
  void signIn()
  void signOut()
  int getStatus()
    0 = not connect
    1 = connecting
    2 = connected
  void lbSubmit(String id, int score)
    id = Leaderboard ID
    score = score value
  void lbShow(String id)
    id = Leaderboard ID


MIT license