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  1. Node.js


make setup test run
# for the following make tasks, you can also run:
# npm <task name>

# before start or after npm update
make setup

# start server
make start

# stop server
make stop

# restart server
make restart

# server status
make status

# view logs
tail -f ./logs/server.log
# generate nginx conf for your checkout and start nginx
make nginx/start

# stop nginx
make nginx/stop

# restart (stop then start) nginx
make nginx/restart

# HUP nginx process to reload configs
make nginx/reload

# to regnerate nginx.conf
rm nginx.conf



Key Overview:

  1. port: Integer value of the Node application port.
  2. theme: Integer value of the array index from the bootswatch section below.
  3. authors: Array of Author Strings
  4. description: String containing the meta descript of the site.
  5. extras: Turn on extras functionality. Requires config/_oauth.yml update with correct key and security tokens.
  6. favicon: Hash containing the favicon path.
  7. google_analytics: Hash containing GA account_id and domain_name.
  8. stylesheets: Array containing stylesheet files to be loaded at the top of the site.
  9. javascripts: Array containing javascript files to be loaded either before (at the top) or after (at the bottom) of the site.
  10. bootswatch: Hash containing current Bootswatch meta data and themes.
  11. bootstrap: Array of Hashes containing Bootstrap meta data and pathing.


To add new tweets to the "Mad Love" section, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the full <blockquote> HTML from the "Embed Tweet" source obtained via Twitter.
  2. Replace all double quotes (") with single quotes (').
  3. Wrap entire HTML block in double quotes (").
  4. Add to _tweets.yml, preceeded with a dash (-), which signifies an array item in YAML.


This is reserved for MaxCDN and NetDNA installation only at this time. Contact @jdorfman for more information.

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