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  1. Node.js


Use node make <task>.


npm install

node make test run


# start server
node make start

# stop server
node make stop

# restart server
node make restart

# server status
node make status

# view logs
node ./node_modules/.bin/forever logs app.js



Key Overview:

  1. port: Integer value of the Node application port.
  2. theme: Integer value of the array index from the bootswatch section below.
  3. authors: Array of author Strings
  4. description: String containing the default meta description of the site.
  5. javascripts: Array containing JavaScript files to be loaded.
  6. bootswatch: Hash containing current Bootswatch meta data and themes.
  7. bootlint: Array of hashes containing Bootlint meta data and paths.
  8. bootstrap: Array of hashes containing Bootstrap meta data and paths.