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Free CDN for JS developers with ESM support


jsDelivr is a Global CDN for Javascript and ES Modules

We build tools to help open source developers! Start using the CDN now!

Check our main projects:

  • 🌎 jsDelivr Global CDN - Learn more about how our CDN works and how to enable advanced functionality like minification, ES modules, version aliasing and more. Our CDN serves more than 160 billion requests per month!
  • 🔍 API for jsDelivr, NPM and GitHub - Use our unique API that will allow you to better interact with any NPM and GitHub project out there. Get entrypoints, versions, CDN URLs and detailed download stats per file and version.


  • VS Code Addon - Our Visual Studio Code Addon to easily search for NPM packages and directly integrate them into your code.
  • IntelliJ Plugin - Our plugin for JetBrains IntelliJ based editors to easily search for NPM packages and directly integrate them into your code.
  • Unplugin - Use jsDelivr in Vite, Rollup, Webpack and esbuild!

The Globalping Platform

The Globalping platform allows anyone to run networking commands such as ping, traceroute, dig, and mtr on distributed probes all around the world. Run your first tests now!

Start running global network tests:

  • 🌐 Globalping API - The main API allows you to build tools and web services that interact with hundreds of globally distributed probes. Visit the repo to find out more about the service and the various tools for interacting with it.
  • 💻 Globalping Probe - Run a probe and become part of the Globalping community! Help us make the internet faster for everyone, regardless of their location.
  • ⚙️ Globalping CLI - A quick and convenient way to run network tests from the command line with a simple, human-friendly interface.
  • 💬 Slack App - Run network tests directly in Slack, discuss the results, and debug issues on the spot with others. Ideal for NOC, OPS, and Support teams.
  • :octocat: GitHub Bot - Leverage Globalping in any public GitHub issue by mentioning the bot. Ask for help with @globalping help and run commands like @globalping traceroute from Europe.


Find us on Twitter or get in touch with us on Discord!


  1. jsdelivr jsdelivr Public

    A free, fast, and reliable Open Source CDN for npm, GitHub, Javascript, and ESM

    JavaScript 5.4k 2k

  2. Public

    The public jsDelivr API. Get npm packages, files, versions, entry points, as well as their CDN URLs and download stats.

    JavaScript 198 38

  3. globalping globalping Public

    A global network of probes to run network tests like ping, traceroute and DNS resolve

    TypeScript 203 26

  4. globalping-probe globalping-probe Public

    The globalping probe code that runs on your hardware and connects to the global community network of probes

    TypeScript 65 20

  5. Public

    The official jsDelivr website

    HTML 138 62

  6. bootstrapcdn bootstrapcdn Public

    Free Bootstrap CDN hosting

    JavaScript 1.3k 255


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