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  • Everything (initial release).
  • Implements core streaming and playback functionality using the Client, Server & MediaServer components.
  • Implements the Audio-only mode.
  • Implements the Video mode (Audio + Video output).
  • Implements the Screensaver mode (Video + screensaver while idle).
  • Implements LCDProc support.


  • AngelScript-based applications (NymphCast Apps).
  • Multi-cast feature.
  • GUI-based interface mode (based on EmulationStation).

Issues resolved

  • Initial release, ergo no previous issues.

Known issues

  • Only non-text subtitles (e.g. BluRay/DVD-style PGS) are supported in this release.
  • Experimental features are what it says on the tin. Stability and other issues are expected.


As an initial release, NymphCast v0.1 is primarily focused on the core functionality of streaming media content, whether from a (HTTP/RTSP) URL, or a NymphCast Client or MediaServer instance.

Supported media formats are those which are supported by the used ffmpeg (LibAV) libraries. This includes all common types and many less common ones. Playback performance is limited by the used hardware.

The current NymphCast development process target is a v1.0 release, with each subsequent minor (0.x) release intended to add new features. Although care is taken to minimise the number of breaking changes between releases, long-term stability is not expected until v1.0.

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This is the v0.1-RC1 prerelease. It supersedes RC0.

Users are advised to upgrade all NymphCast servers and clients to this version as a number of potentially breaking changes have been introduced since RC0, along with many bug fixes and optimisations.

Attached are a number of binaries:

NCS installers:

  • Bullseye BCM2835 (Raspberry Pi Zero/1)
  • Bullseye BCM2836 (Raspberry Pi 2 v1.1)
  • Bullseye BCM2837 (Raspberry Pi 2 v1.2+, 3)
  • Bullseye BCM2711 (Raspberry Pi 4)
  • Windows 7+ x64.

NCP client installers:

NCMS installer:

  • Windows 7+ x64.
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First RC release


This RC release constitutes all changes made during the RC0 development phase. It implements a number of missing features and fixes a range of bugs discovered during testing. The new development version now changes to RC1.

Binaries will be provided here as they become available. Currently available are:

  • NymphCast Player for Android. This APK supports ARMv7 and AArch64 as well as x86 targets. (Provided: Beta0 and RC0)
  • NymphCast Player for Windows x64. Uses NSIS for the installer.
  • NymphCast Server:
  1. compiled on BCM2835 (RPi Zero) Raspberry Pi OS "Buster". Should run on RPi Zero/1 and up.
  2. compiled on BCM2837 (RPi 3B), "Bullseye". Should run on RPi 2 v1.2 and up.
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This release contains the first Beta release for NymphCast. Repository development version will now shift to rc0 from beta0.

Binaries are provided for:

  • Android (APK): NC Player client (ARMv7, AArch64 & x86).
  • Debian armhf (Raspberry Pi OS Buster & Bullseye): NC Server.

See attached files. The BCM2835 marked archive should work on all Raspberry Pi systems with RPi OS Buster installed. For the other archives, the Bullseye image works on RPi 3 and likely higher, the Buster image at least on RPi 4, possibly RPi 3.

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This pre-release marks the final Alpha-level stage in the project. Next version will be v0.1-beta0.

Attached is the binary APK for the Android NymphCast Player client (NCPA). This supports ARMv7 & ARMv8 (AArch64).

The server (NCS) can be built using the provided script for Linux, Windows (MSYS2), BSD (experimental) and MacOS (experimental).

See the project Readme for further details on building and running the various components.

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After the major addition of the stand-alone GUI mode, this release forms the basis for new testing & further development.

Media streaming should be feature-complete in this Alpha, multi-casting still needs testing/enhancement and NymphCast Apps are still lacking a proper GUI.

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This is the first Alpha release that is intended for large-scale testing. All target features have been implemented, shifting the focus to stabilisation now.

Issues that are likely to exist in this release include:

  • Stability issues.
  • Playback issues.
  • Connectivity issues.

This release targets the following aspects of the NymphCast project:

  • NymphCast Server (receiver).
  • NymphCast Player (Qt-based client for desktop & Android).


Binaries are provided for the unattended Server installation (see below) and for the Player on Windows (7+) and Android (APK). For other platforms, see the README instructions in the root of the project folder.

Unattended image

This is the first time that an unattended installation image for NymphCast Server (audio-only) has been provided. This is provided in the form of a ZIP file ( This contains files that are to be extracted as-is into the boot partition of a freshly written Raspbian/Raspberry Pi OS SD card. Upon boot this should set up a NymphCast Server Audio service on the device.

Note: This unattended installation feature is untested and highly experimental. It targets only armhf-compatible targets (current 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS for Raspberry Pi Zero, 1 through 4).

Note: Any issues that occur can be reported either directly to me (Maya Posch), or reported via the issue tracker on GitHub project. Either case, please report the exact hardware, operating system and steps required to reproduce the issue.

Outside the scope of this release are:

  • NymphCast MediaServer: this should be considered a side project for the moment.
  • NymphCast CLI client: this is currently a low-priority target for the project.
  • NymphCast Android: the native Android client app is currently on hold while the Qt-based app is being tested on Android.
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New testing release. A range of new features and fixes have been implemented.

As an alpha release, there is no guarantee of functionality. Any attached binaries are only provided for testing purposes.

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This is the second alpha testing release. It signifies a number of improvements over the first alpha testing release, but still needs more testing.

Any binaries provided with this release are provided solely for ease of testing. No guarantees about functionality or stability exist.

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This is the first alpha release that should be feature-complete for the v0.1 release.

The binary builds exist for ease of testing, not for general use. Bugs that exist in these builds may have been fixed in the project already. Please check the Issues tracker whether an issue is known. Building from source is still preferred at this point.