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Proxy from web to serial, to flash devices and other fun things.


  • software/web2serial-core: Python app which bridges serial and websocket connections
  • software/web2serial-javascript: JavaScript API client for websites
  • examples/website-widget: Example of how to use the web2serial widget (web2serial-widget.js)
  • examples/websites: Two examples of using web2serial.js: Generic and Magic Shifter
  • examples/arduino: Arduino projects for serial communication

Getting web2serial-core up and running

Simply get a copy of web2serial and install the two dependencies tornado and pyserial.

# Install Python modules tornado and py2serial
$ sudo easy_install tornado
$ sudo easy_install py2serial

# Download and start web2serial
$ git clone https://github.com/Metalab/web2serial.git
$ cd web2serial/web2serial-core/
$ python web2serial.py

Using web2serial for custom websites

This repository includes web2serial.js, a JavaScript API client which you for custom projects to communicate with serial devices. T

Perhaps the easiest way is using the web2serial-widget.js library. See:

And this is the underlying web2serial.js API client and example implementation:

Live demos can be found here:

web2serial-core.py REST Interface

Check if web2serial-core is running

GET /ping

Returns 'pong' (200 OK)

Get a list of available serial devices

GET /devices

Returns JSON array of devices (200 OK)    
[[hash, device string, desc, hwid], ...]

Open a websocket connection to a specific serial device

SCK /device/<device-hash>/open/<baudrate>

Websocket address for opening a device by hash with a specific baudrate

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