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GroundDB is a fast and thin layer providing Meteor offline database - Taking cloud data to the ground.


This version of GroundDB is a caching only storage - meaning it does not support resuming of method calls/cross tab updates etc. But it's faster and async supporting local storages like:

  • localstorage
  • indexeddb
  • websql * SQLite (on cordova)

It's using localforage with some minor modifications - hopefully we can use localForage via npm in the future

Notes about migration to GroundDB II


A pure offline collection

  foo = new Ground.Collection('test');

Ground.Collection is client-side only and depends on LocalCollection for now

Get documents and updates from a Meteor Mongo Collection via DDP

  foo = new Ground.Collection('test');


  Meteor.setTimeout(() => {
    // Stop observing - keeping all documents as is
  }, 1000);

Limiting the stored data

If you want to clean up the storage and eg. have it match the current subscription, now you can:


This will discard all documents not in the subscribed data

Limit the data stored locally

  foo.keep(bar.find({}, { limit: 30 }));

This will discard all but 30 documents

Limit the data stored locall using multiple cursors

  foo.keep(bar.find({ type: 'a' }, { limit: 30 }), bar.find({ type: 'b' }, { limit: 30 }));

This will keep at max 60 documents 30 documents of each type "a"/"b"

Clear the storage


This will empty the in memory and the local storage

Need a near backwards compatible solution?

This example behaves much like the previous version of ground db regarding caching a Mongo.Collection - This class inforces a manual clean up. Calling removeLocalOnly() will keep only the documents in the Mongo.Collection.

GroundLegacy = {
  Collection: class GroundLegacy extends Ground.Collection {
    constructor(collection, options) {
      if (!(collection instanceof Mongo.Collection)) {
        throw new Error('GroundLegacy requires a Mongo.Collection');
      if (options.cleanupLocalData !== false) {
        throw new Error('GroundLegacy requires cleanupLocalData to be false');

      // Create an instance of ground db

      this.mongoCollection = collection;

      collection.grounddb = this;

      // Observe on the whole collection

      // Store super
      collection.orgFind = collection.find;
      collection.orgFindOne = collection.findOne;

      // Overwrite collection finds using the grounded data
      collection.find = (...args) => {
        return this.find(...args);

      collection.findOne = (...args) => {
        return this.findOne(...args);

    removeLocalOnly() {
      // Remove all documents not in current subscription


Read about:


Feel free to send issues, pull requests all is wellcome

Kind regards Morten