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Meteor core community discussions

This repository tracks discussions about application development in Meteor. The Meteor core team is doing a fantastic job, but their focus is on core development, rather than real-world application development. We aim to provide the core devs with distilled input from the perspective of experienced Meteor application developers.

Contributions, members, ideas and opinions are welcome!

Let us coordinate efforts creating new packages, pull requests, patterns or guidelines for Meteor.

We could use this repo as base/topics for a monthly package developer/core Hangout discussion.


I will sometimes remove comments and integrate them into the issue description - it's an attempt to keep the discussions clean whilst having a brief summary of the discussion.

You are most welcome to protest if you feel violated :)


Labels reflect what parts of Meteor the discussion pertins to:

Labels track the status of a discussion:

  • Discussion - We are trying to define the actual problem to solve
  • Potential Pull Request - A solution is near

If solved the issue is closed


In a discussion we don't actually have to agree on things! Core developers and App developers face different problems. We just have to figure out how we can write better apps that are still performant/scalable - There will often be a natural conflict of interest :)

The issue will be marked:

  • Community agrees
  • Community doesn't agree
  • MDG agrees
  • MDG doesn't agree

Want to help out? Join the team, help organize and:

Kind regards,
Morten (aka RaiX)