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Lightweight justice for your single-board computer!

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Ready to run optimised software choices with dietpi-software
Feature-rich configuration tool for your device with dietpi-config.


This is the source code repository for the DietPi Documentation website. It uses extended Markdown, as implemented by MkDocs.


Building the documentation

  • Install/update dependencies: pip3 install -Ur requirements.txt
  • From the root directory, run: mkdocs serve

It builds the static HTML pages into a temporary directory and starts a local web server at http://localhost:8000. If you have troubles accessing the MkDocs website, you could also listen on a specific IP address or all IP addresses, e.g. mkdocs serve -a


There are many ways you could contribute to DietPi project. You could work on the DietPi project, website design, extend the documentation, or just run tests.

If you have experience with GitHub, you could either look for existent issue to start with or report a new one. Documentation updates should be done directly on GitHub, using the development branch: dev, creating a pull request (PR).

If you need help:

To see the full list of possibilities, please check our contribution page.


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DietPi-Docs by DietPi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License - CC BY-SA 4.0.

This website shows logos of 3rd party software and providers which are excluded from the above license. They may only be used related to their product, for details, check individual trademark rules and licenses.