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LiteNetLib based transport for Mirror
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LiteNetLib based transport for Mirror.


  1. Download the unitypackge from releases and import it to your project (it does not contain Mirror)
  2. Put LiteNetLib4MirrorTransport component on gameobject with NetworkManager and assign it there
  3. (Optional) Make your NetworkManager derrive from LiteNetLib4MirrorNetworkManager and use optional overloads from it


  • UDP
  • Built-in Network Discovery and UPnP
  • Fully managed code

Also, since it's using LiteNetLib, it also supports it's following features:

  • Small CPU and RAM usage
  • Small packet size overhead ( 1 byte for unreliable, 3 bytes for reliable packets )
  • Different send mechanics
  • Reliable with order
  • Reliable without order
  • Ordered but unreliable with duplication prevention
  • Simple UDP packets without order and reliability
  • Automatic small packets merging
  • Automatic fragmentation of reliable packets
  • Automatic MTU detection
  • NTP time requests
  • Packet loss and latency simulation
  • IPv6 support (dual mode)
  • Connection statisitcs (need DEBUG or STATS_ENABLED flag)
  • Multicasting (for discovering hosts in local network)

IL2CPP Warning!

With IL2CPP, IPv6 is only supported on Unity 2018.3.6f1 and later because of this:
alt text
Also, socket Reuse Address option isn't available in IL2CPP.


RevenantX - for LiteNetLib
vis2k & Paul - for Mirror
Coburn - for Ignorance which i've used as an example
Dankrushen - for helping me find one small mistake which i couldn't find for two days
Lucas Ontivero - for Open.Nat, used for UPnP
shiena - for NetworkDiscoveryHUD

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