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A script to build CloverV2 bootloader under macOS X and Ubuntu 16.04 +
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A script to build Clover V2 bootloader under macOS / OS X, Ubuntu 16.04+ and Debian Jessie and Stretch




Slice, Zenith432, STLVNUB, JrCs, cecekpawon, Needy, cvad, Rehabman, philip_petev, ErmaC


Double click the Build_Clover.command or right click on the file, Build_Clover.command, and press open. ...

Example output

Menu for less comfortable users:

Build_Clover script v4.7.0                                  No update available.
By Micky1979 based on Slice, apianti, vit9696, Download Fritz, Zenith432,
STLVNUB, JrCs,cecekpawon, Needy, cvad, Rehabman, philip_petev, ErmaC

Supported OSes: macOS X, Ubuntu (16.04/16.10), Debian Jessie and Stretch
CLOVER	Remote revision: 4406	Local revision: 4406
EDK2	Remote revision: 26286	Local revision: 26277

The current local EDK2 revision is the suggested one (26277). 
Used settings: /home/username/BuildCloverConfig.txt 
Please enter your choice: 
 1) add "buildclover" symlink to /usr/local/bin
 2) update Clover only (no building)
 3) update Clover + force edk2 update (no building)
 4) run my script on the source
 5) build existing revision (no update, for testing only)
 6) build existing revision for release (no update, standard build)
 7) build existing revision with custom macros enabled
 8) enter Developers mode (only for devs)
 9) edit the configuration file
 10) Exit

Menu for advanced users:

Please enter your choice:
    EDK2 revision used r24063 latest avaiable is r24096
 1) build with ./ -nb
 2) build with ./ --module=rEFIt_UEFI/refit.inf
 3) build binaries w/o -fr (boot6 and 7)
 4) build binaries with -fr (boot6 and 7)
 5) build boot6/7 with -fr --std-ebda
 6) build pkg
 7) build iso
 8) build pkg+iso
 9) build all for Release
 10) Back to Main Menu
 11) Exit


Special thanks to the InsanelyMac board and its members, who are testing the script and report issues.

##From STLVNUB Seeing as how I got BANNED from InsanelyMac for trying to get something done about the amount of SPAM that the forum was getting I will NOT be able to participate in any discussion as regards this brilliant script. I've been at IM for 12 years and quite frankly I'm a little bit pissed off. But I won't use this as a sounding board other than saying the Admins at IM are doing a crap of a job.

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