Implementation of Mirinae hash function
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Implementation of Mirinae hash function

This is official implementation of Mirinae hash function used by MicroBitcoin.


Main motivation for development of this algo - create new ASICs resistant hash function which will replace Groestl512 after Baikal G28 appearance. Is uses combination of groestl and kupyna hash functions, source code can be checked here. Special thanks to whitefire990, DigitalCruncher and Aiwe for help with dicsussion/development of this algo. Also cheers to Turtlecoin devs for this article which Mirinae hash heavily inspired by :)


mirinae(const void* data, size_t length, void* output, int height, const void* seed)

data - raw block header
length - data length
output - variable which receive hash output by memcpy
height - new block height
seed - arbitrary data with length 64 (recomended to use previous block hash)

You can build demo app using this command:


and run it by:


Developed with love by iamstenman