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This works around an issue that can cause VS to needlessly rebuild these two projects.

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ClearScript is a library that makes it easy to add scripting to your .NET applications. It currently supports JavaScript (via V8 and JScript) and VBScript.


  • Simple usage; create a script engine, add your objects and/or types, run scripts
  • Support for several script engines: Google's V8, Microsoft's JScript and VBScript
  • Exposed resources require no modification, decoration, or special coding of any kind
  • Scripts get simple access to most of the features of exposed objects and types:
    • Methods, properties, fields, events
    • (Objects) Indexers, extension methods, conversion operators, explicitly implemented interfaces
    • (Types) Constructors, nested types
  • Full support for generic types and methods, including C#-like type inference and explicit type arguments
  • Scripts can invoke methods with output parameters, optional parameters, and parameter arrays
  • Script delegates enable callbacks into script code
  • Support for exposing all the types defined in one or more assemblies in one step
  • Optional support for importing types and assemblies from script code
  • The host can invoke script functions and access script objects directly
  • Full support for script debugging
  • (V8) Support for fast data transfer to and from JavaScript typed arrays
  • (V8) Support for JavaScript modules
  • (JavaScript) Support for CommonJS modules
  • 🆕 Support for .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.0 on Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Composite packages

  • ClearScript
  • ClearScript.linux-x64
  • ClearScript.osx-x64

Component packages

  • ClearScript.Core
  • ClearScript.Windows
  • ClearScript.V8

V8 native assembly packages

  • ClearScript.V8.Native.linux-x64
  • ClearScript.V8.Native.osx-x64



A library for adding scripting to .NET applications. Supports V8 (Windows, Linux, macOS) and JScript/VBScript (Windows).




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