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What is MIMWAL?

The MIMWAL is a powerful solution accelerator for MIM / FIM that provides foundational activities which can be combined to create complex workflows to implement business processes within a MIM / FIM solution simply by configuration instead of coding for days and months

Can I use MIMWAL on FIM 2010 R2?

Yes, as long as the FIM 2010 R2 instance is at release level 4.1.3496 or higher.

Why should I use MIMWAL?

The MIMWAL allows you to build complex FIM / MIM workflows quickly and consistently with little or no development work. A standardise way of building workflows not only speeds up development but also substantially decreases support / maintenance cost.

How stable is MIMWAL?

The MIMWAL is essentially open sourcing of FIMWAL project that has been used in the hundreds of MCS engagements worldwide since 2011. The initial release of FIMWAL got extensive update as FIMWAL "2" in Jun 2014 and the baseline check-in for MIMWAL is essentially the FIMWAL "2" version 2.15.1026.0.

When was MIMWAL first developed?

The concept and early development for the WAL began in 2010, and was developed and deployed in both a FIMWAL "1" version (2011) and a FIMWAL "2" version (2013) before the project was moved to GitHub in 2016, and renamed to MIMWAL.

How is MIMWAL licensed?

The MIMWAL is published under the MIT License. See the MIMWAL project's License.txt for more information.

How is MIMWAL supported?

Developer support is primarily via MIMWAL Project TechNet forum community. Any bug fixes or enhancements can be requested via opening a new issue from the Issues tab.

Customers should treat this as custom code with source code made available via the MIMWAL GitHub Repository. Microsoft Premier support (with the exception of custom Premier-Maintained Solutions (PMA) contracts) is always on "Best Effort" basis for any custom code solutions and MIMWAL is no different from support perspective. If you contact Microsoft Premier for advice and guidance on MIMWAL ("how do I do it?"), you will get redirected to the MIMWAL wiki documentation and the developer support channel mentioned earlier.

Will MIMWAL be included in the MIM Product?

At this time, we do not anticipate the MIMWAL to be included in the Microsoft Identity Manager product itself. The MIMWAL is a great solution that is built on the extensibility framework that is provided in the MIM product, but it is not part of the MIM core product itself. This allows customers a choice of developing their own private custom workflow activities, utilizing the open source activities that are included in the MIMWAL, as well as a combination of both if desired.


Where is technical documentation for MIMWAL?

Documentation, scenarios, examples, implementation as well as troubleshooting guidance can be found on the MIMWAL Wiki


What version of MIM can I use MIMWAL with?

MIMWAL can be used with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016 - 4.3.1935 and above.

What version of FIM can I use MIMWAL with?

MIMWAL can be used with Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2 - 4.1.3496 and above.

Where is the MSI Installer for MIMWAL?

The project is deployed as Source Code on GitHub. You will need to download the source code and follow the Build and Deployment Wiki to compile the solution and sign the binaries with your own strong name (.SNK) signing Key.

How do I migrate from FIMWAL "2"?

MIMWAL supports in-place upgrade from FIMWAL "2" v2.14.611.0. It retains the same assembly names and build and deployment procedures. (Any prior builds of FIMWAL "2" i.e. v2.0.0.0 were alpha builds, had a completely different assembly name of "FIM.Workflow.common" and are to be treated as equivalent to FIMWAL "1" for coexistent and migration purposes). The main visual changes post deployment are AIC's are prefixed with "WAL: " instead of "FIMWAL: " and the Event Log is called now renames as "WAL". (Note: The deployment of MIMWAL will delete the "FIMWAL" event log and create a new "WAL" event log.) See Deployment Wiki for more details.

How do I migrate from FIMWAL "1"?

Due to extensive enhancements, new capabilities and serious backward compatibility considerations, it was decided a side-by-side deployment with FIMWAL "2" was preferable approach to in-place upgrade of FIMWAL "1" to FIMWAL "2". If you are still on FIMWAL "1", manual migration of a FIMWAL "1" implementation is strongly advised to take advantage of new functional as well as diagnostic capabilities of MIMWAL to optimise your Workflows / MPRs and improve operational insight.

Can I run FIMWAL "2" and MIMWAL activities side by side deployed on the same instance?

No, deploying MIMWAL is an in-place upgrade of FIMWAL "2" and your existing binaries and workflow definitions will be updated to use the MIMWAL versions. See the Build and Deployment Wiki for deployment guidance.

Can I run FIMWAL "1" and MIMWAL activities side by side deployed on the same instance?

Yes, absolutely! But you should plan to replace existing workflows with MIMWAL versions to take advantage of new capabilities and other benefits of MIMWAL.


What version of the .NET Framework is MIMWAL built with?

MIMWAL is build with .NET FrameWork 3.5 as this is the version supported by MIM / FIM for building custom workflow activities.

How do I extend MIMWAL?

In order to extend the functionality of MIMWAL, please review the guidance on the Custom Activity Development Wiki entry.


How do I report MIMWAL bugs or feature requests?

You can also submit an issue. Use the Issues tab to create a new issue.

How do I discuss and ask questions to the community for MIMWAL?

For questions and conversations focused on MIMWAL, please visit the MIMWAL Project TechNet Forum:

How can I contribute code or wiki entries to MIMWAL?

For details on how you can contribute, please check

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