This repo contains a version of the LLVM that is being modified to support Checked C. Checked C is an extension to C that adds checking to detect or prevent common programming errors such as out-of-bounds memory accesses.
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dtarditi Fix lit testing using VS 2017. (#13)
When clang is run under the lit testing harness on a Windows machine with
only VS 2017 installed, clang can't find the VS install directory.  This
can cause tests that do linking to fail.   The lit scripts are filtering
out the ProgramData environment variable.   Clang is using a VS 2017 library
for finding the VS 2017 install location, and the library depends on the
ProgramData environment variable being set correctly.  The fix is to not
filter out the ProgramData variable.
Latest commit d8d78c7 Mar 1, 2018
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bindings Revert "Remove some of the go specific C bindings for debug info now … Nov 2, 2017
cmake [cmake] Make check_linker_flags operate via linker flags Oct 31, 2017
docs [AMDGPU] Emit metadata for hidden arguments for kernel enqueue Oct 30, 2017
examples Fix broken links to the Itanium CXX ABI Sep 12, 2017
include [yaml2obj][ELF] Add support for setting alignment in program headers Nov 1, 2017
lib [yaml2obj][ELF] Add support for setting alignment in program headers Nov 1, 2017
projects Integration with VS 2017. (#9) Dec 9, 2017
resources In MSVC builds embed a VERSIONINFO resource in our exe and DLL files. Jun 12, 2015
runtimes [CMake][runtimes] Use the same configuration for non-target and "defa… Sep 8, 2017
test [X86] Fix fast-isel-int-float-conversion test Nov 2, 2017
tools Update location of registry key for Checked C LLVM/clang install. (#12) Jan 22, 2018
unittests Fix APFloat mod sign Nov 1, 2017
utils Fix lit testing using VS 2017. (#13) Feb 28, 2018
.arcconfig project_id is from another era in phabricator land and does not provi… Sep 27, 2016
.clang-format Test commit. Mar 2, 2014
.clang-tidy .clang-tidy: correct style name is 'camelBack' not 'lowerCase'. Sep 13, 2016
.gitignore gitignore: Ignore .vs folder (VS2017 config files) Apr 8, 2017
.gitmodules Updates .gitsubmodules (#2) Jul 12, 2016
CMakeLists.txt Install Checked C version of clang separately from the normal version… Dec 23, 2017
CODE_OWNERS.TXT Update my email addresses, NFC. Oct 26, 2017
CREDITS.TXT Add myself to CREDITS.txt Sep 18, 2017
LICENSE.TXT Bump year to 2017 in LICENSE.txt Jan 12, 2017
LLVMBuild.txt Remove the very substantial, largely unmaintained legacy PGO Oct 2, 2013
README.txt Test commit access Aug 18, 2017
RELEASE_TESTERS.TXT Update my email addresses, NFC. Oct 26, 2017
configure Remove autoconf support Jan 26, 2016 [Sparc] Implement i64 load/store support for 32-bit sparc. Aug 10, 2015


Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM)

This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for LLVM,
a toolkit for the construction of highly optimized compilers,
optimizers, and runtime environments.

LLVM is open source software. You may freely distribute it under the terms of
the license agreement found in LICENSE.txt.

Please see the documentation provided in docs/ for further
assistance with LLVM, and in particular docs/GettingStarted.rst for getting
started with LLVM and docs/README.txt for an overview of LLVM's
documentation setup.

If you are writing a package for LLVM, see docs/Packaging.rst for our