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MidLevel is a team creating a collection of free and open source networking solutions targeted at game development.

Pinned repositories

  1. A game networking framework built for the Unity Engine to abstract game networking concepts.

    C# 376 97

  2. Open source relay for UNET. Works with the HLAPI, MLAPI and all other UNET projects.

    C# 27 5

  3. Lightweight and fully managed reliable UDP library.

    C# 97 14

  4. Official MLAPI transports.

    C# 13 9

  5. MLAPI.Puncher is a lightweight, cross-platform, easy to use implementation of NAT punchthrough.

    C# 9 7

  6. WebSocket wrapper that runs both nativley and in WebGL for Unity.

    C# 3 2


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