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Raspberry Pi 3B scripts collection
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Raspberry Pi 3B scripts collection


Tested and 100% compatible: Raspbian 8 Lite (jessie)

Now testing Raspbian 9.1 (stretch)

Forward traffic

For example, if eth0 is configured to use internet and wlan0 is access point (WiFi hotspot), you can do this: eth0 wlan0

Poof! You have access to the internet on your wlan0 now.


Just shows current CPU & GPU temperature. Real-time monotor: watch -tn 1 ./

Example output:

CPU: 50.5'C 122.9'F
GPU: 49.9'C 121.8'F


Control GPIO pins with easy syntax: pin value

  • set pin 18 to 1: ./ 18 1
  • set pin 15 to 0: 15 0
  • 17 sets pin 17 to 1 or 0 depending on current value. It works like a switch.


$ ./ 18 1 # pin 18 will be set to 1
$ ./ 15 0 # pin 15 will be set to 0

$ ./ 17 # pin 17 will be set to 1
$ ./ 17 # pin 17 will be set to 0

CPU governor

Raspberry Pi supports several CPU governors. For example: powersave, ondemand, performance.

List available: -l

Available governors:
 - conservative
 - ondemand
 - userspace
 - powersave
 - performance
 - schedutil

Current governor: -c

Current governor: powersave

Set governor: sudo ./ -s performance

Random MAC

Requires macchanger package.

Changes MAC on all interfaces by default. But you can specify one manuaally: wlan0

Net monitor

Requires ifstat and bc package.

Switches GPIO pins depending on current network bandwidth. Works like an indicator with LEDs connected to the GPIO.



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