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Minimal Compact thumbor

The quickest way to run thumbor.

Key Features and Goals:

  • The latest version of thumbor and dependencies, in a docker image
  • Supports both solo thumbor and multiprocess in one image
  • Nginx frontend docker image with built-in caching, using nginx-proxy
  • SIMD support via docker tags
  • remotecv docker image (for async smart cropping and feature detection)
  • Clear version tagging to match Thumbor versions
  • NOTE: from Thumbor 7.x images are no longer updated on docker hub and were moved to latest will be deleted from docker hub eventually

Quick Start

$ docker run -p 80:80
$ wget http://localhost/unsafe/500x150/


$ docker run -p 80:80 -e THUMBOR_NUM_PROCESSES=8
$ wget http://localhost/unsafe/500x150/


Check out the recipes folder for some examples (still work in progress).

The recipes include comments to document how things should be set up and why.

Changelog / Deprecation

  • minimalcompact/thumbor-nginx-proxy is deprecated and replaced by minimalcompact/thumbor-nginx-proxy-cache see #55


This project is a loose fork of APSL/docker-thumbor. It's not a direct fork, because lots has changed, and it's not backwards compatible. Nevertheless, the foundation that APSL/docker-thumbor provided was great, and we wish to thank its contributors.