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MoKee Open Source

Submitting Patches

Patches are always welcomed! Please submit your patches via MoKee Gerrit! You can do this by using these commands:

(From root android directory)
. build/
(Go to repo you are patching, make your changes and commit)
mkgerrit <for(new)/changes(patch set)> <branch/change-id>

repo start mko-mr1 .
(Make your changes and commit)
repo upload .
git push ssh://<username><project> HEAD:refs/for/<branch>

Note: "." means current directory

Commit Example

We want to make a change in that resides in the frameworks/base project, and upload that to Gerrit for review. Let's start a local branch of that repo (directory) and call it mychanges:

repo start mychanges frameworks/base && cd frameworks/base

Now we make our edits to that file. We can check those changes:

git add (or git add .)

Then commit it:

git commit -m 'Added feature xyz'

Go to the root of your local android folder, and issue the upload:

cd ~/mokee && repo upload frameworks/base

For more help on using repo, use this command:

repo help upload

Make your changes and commit with a detailed message, starting with what you are working with (i.e. vision: Update Kernel).

Commit your patches in a single commit. Squash multiple commits using this command:

git rebase -i HEAD~<# of commits>

To view the status of your and others' patches, visit MoKee Code Review

Getting Started

To get started with MoKee Open Source, you will need to get familiar with Repo and Version Control with Git.

To initialize your local repository using the MoKee trees, use a command like this:

repo init -u -b mko-mr1

Then to sync up:

repo sync

Start Work

To work faster, we introduced a new build script to help you start compiling.

First, go to the root path of your project. We assume that your source is under (/mokee):

cd /mokee

then feel free to use the build script:

. build/ && lunch (enter device number) && mka bacon

The script is interactive so everything else is self-explanatory.