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Eclipse-based IDE for MoSync
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latest commit 59e6134d5a
Ali Sarrafi authored
Failed to load latest commit information. MOSYNCLIB-78: First attempt to add native debugging support to the IDE. MOSYNCLIB-78: Support for android debugging (win support and more)
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.blackberry MOSYNC-967: Added 'restore' default
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.headless MOSYNC-2734: Added -import switch to headless build
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.iphoneos.feature MOSYNC-2386: A lot of minor fixes to make sure we can launch iPhone a…
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.iphoneos MOSYNCLIB-30: Added platform specific native builders Moved javame feature before android feature in product list (otherwis… MOSYNC-2395: Refactored packager API; removed properties method.
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.moblin.feature Minor fixes to make mosync a better eclipse citizen (branding plugin,…
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.moblin MOSYNC-2395: Refactored packager API; removed properties method.
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.s60.feature MoSync-Eclipse: initial commit.
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.s60 MOSYNC-967: Added 'restore' default
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.winmobile.feature RPDBFTHREE-1: Initial Windows Phone 7 support
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.winmobile MOSYNC-967: Added 'restore' default
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder.winmobilecs MOSYNCLIB-27: Windows Phone packager does not use nbuild
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.builder Compiler warnings cleanup
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.capabilities.core RPDBFTHREE-1: Better capabilities support
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.capabilities.devices RPDBFTHREE-1: Better capabilities support
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.capabilities.ui RPDBFTHREE-2: Initial commit for platform based profiles
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.cdt.feature Fixed list of dependencies to match new target platform plugin versions
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.core.templates.tests MOSYNC-967: Added 'restore' default
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.core.tests MOSYNC-2328: Fixed GCC dependency parsing
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.core MOSYNCLIB-78: Support for android debugging (win support and more)
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.deployment RPDBFTHREE-1: Support for multiple build result files.
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.extensionsupport MOSYNCLIB-78: First attempt to add native debugging support to the IDE.
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.feature MOSYNC-967: Added 'restore' default
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.finalizer.ui #1109: Choose configuration in headless mode
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.fontsupport The eclipse bmfont parser could not parse version 3 files. The reason… JSODD: Support for js embedded in html
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.html5.feature Fixed missing dependency in HTML5 feature
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.html5.ui MOSYNC-2147: Disabled reload strategy in prefs
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.html5 MOSYNC-2831: Proper encoding
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.importproject.tests trunk, eclipse: Removed some unused imports (i.e. fixed over 300 warn…
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.importproject MOSYNC-967: Added 'restore' default
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.lib JSODD Initial Commit
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.molint MOSYNC-2042: MoLint
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.product.customization Reinstated console version
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.product MOSYNC-2523: Build script that works for old target platform too.
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.profiles.ui MOSYNC-1781: Better platform profile filtering, selection and conversion
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.profiling.ui MOSYNC-EXT: Preference page for extensions
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.profiling MOSYNCLIB-78: Support for android debugging (win support and more)
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.smoketests MOSYNC-2171: Updated build scripts to build for Eclipse 3.8M6
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.testing MOSYNC-967: Added 'restore' default
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.tests.feature Refactorings:
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.ui.cdt MOSYNC-1420: Fixed help links in IDE
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.ui.editors.resources RPDBFTHREE-1: IDE support for rescomp tool
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.ui.perspective MOSYNC-1552: Removed outline view from default perspective
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.ui.targetphone.iphoneos MOSYNC-2147: Minor fix for debug server to handle project names with …
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.ui.targetphone MOSYNC-2734: Added -import switch to headless build
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.ui.wizards MOSYNC-2024: Added MoSync project to C/C++ category (to avoid confusi…
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.ui MOSYNCLIB-78: Support for android debugging (win support and more)
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.update [MOSYNC-2925] Read until EOF.
com.mobilesorcery.sdk.updatesite MoSync-Eclipse: initial commit.
native/pid2 trunk: Forgot header.
.gitignore Added an ignore files for temporary files and build directories.
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