Methods of implementing support for QR code verification / signing og PGP keys
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Methods of implementing support for verification / signing og PGP keys using QR codes.


  • monkeysphere URI scheme: generates OPENPGP4FPR:73EE2314F65FA92EC2390D3A718C070100012282, but will load any string made of 10 blocks of 4 hexadecimal characters, separated by zero or more whitespace (in Python:"((?:[0-9A-F]{4}\s*){10})", data, re.IGNORECASE). openpgp4fpr was chosen as a short version of "OpenPGP v4 fingerprint"

This format was adopted by OpenKeyChain and others and is the current ad-hoc standard.

Deprecated proposals

It was previously proposed to use: pgp-fingerprint:73EE2314F65FA92EC2390D3A718C070100012282

Optional parameters:

  • name
  • email
  • url
  • keyserver

Example: pgp-fingerprint:73EE2314F65FA92EC2390D3A718C070100012282?keyserver=hkp://

This scheme was abandoned because of interoperability issues with existing implementations, without significant gains in functionality. Furthermore, there were security concerns with the url and keyserver parameters that could be abuse by an attacker (the signee) to flood a keyring with data or track a victim (the signer).