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Standup Picker

A desktop application which can be used in Scrum teams to initiate the daily Scrum meeting.

This project was bootstrapped with angular-electron.

Design by Angular Material.

Standup Picker


  • Randomly select a team member. You can click on team member images to "ignore" them if they are not attending at the standup.
  • Play standup music at a given time.
  • Inform about ending standup time by a sound.


All releases are available here.

If you want to use the deprecated Angular standalone version without Electron you can use Release 0.1.0.

Getting Started

To build for development

  • Clone this repository locally :
git clone
  • Install dependencies with npm:
npm install

There is an issue with yarn and node_modules that are only used in electron on the backend when the application is built by the packager. Please use npm as dependencies manager.

  • Build for development
npm start

Voila! You can use the Standup Picker app in a local development environment with hot reload!

Included Commands

Command Description
npm run ng:serve:web Execute the app in the browser
npm run build Build the app. Your built files are in the /dist folder.
npm run build:prod Build the app with Angular aot. Your built files are in the /dist folder.
npm run electron:local Builds your application and start electron
npm run electron:linux Builds your application and creates an app consumable on linux system
npm run electron:windows On a Windows OS, builds your application and creates an app consumable in windows 32/64 bit systems
npm run electron:mac On a MAC OS, builds your application and generates a .app file of your application that can be run on Mac

Browser mode

Maybe you want to execute the application in the browser with hot reload ? You can do it with npm run ng:serve:web.
Note that you can't use Electron or NodeJS native libraries in this case. Please check providers/electron.service.ts to watch how conditional import of electron/Native libraries is done.

Used assets

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