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A Grand Strategy Game set in the Cold War era.
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#Of Bears and Eagles

#####Introduction Of Bears and Eagles is an in-dev Grand Strategy game set in the Cold War era. It centers on the ideological conflict between the US and the Soviet Union, but any country can be played, provided it was independent or occupied during November 1949. Like it's main inspiration, Victoria 2 by Paradox Development Studio, it's based around countries divided into small provinces, and the main gameplay is about managing the population, economy, military and politics of a selected country from November 1, 1949 and forward.

#####Development The whole game is written using the Java programming language, combined with XML files that both allows the game to be modified by players (creating their own mods, true mod support is a coming feature) and to be modified without recompiling the source code.

#####Current Features While not even close to having it's full features or even moving into an alpha stage, the game does have some interesting and functional features. This is a living list that will be appended once new developments are made. Currently the economy is the focus of development, to be followed by the politics (taking inspiration from Democracy 3).

  • A province system with dynamic data and support for 3000 provinces and all their data without performance issues. Memory usage is a bit high, though.
  • Demographics with simulated nationalities, occupations and certain other characteristics of populations (such as literacy).
  • The possibility to improve and decrease relations with all other (currently implemented) countries. Declaring war, requesting and offering military access - though there's no AI behind it and there are no soldiers to wage war with.
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