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css sticky tooltip now fires a hidden event properly



  • Dynamic tooltip modifications can be done using metadata (see this demo).
  • Choose the tooltip direction (8 directions: n, ne, e, se, s, sw, w & nw).
  • Tooltip content obtained from selected object attribute, a different object on the same page, or via ajax.
  • Ajax calls can include jQuery selectors to target specific page content.
  • Screenshots of webpages can be obtained through or from your own image.
  • Preview & Screenshot images are preloaded.
  • Check out the various demos: main, meta data and more examples.

Usage & Options (defaults)

See more detailed documentation.


 // options that can be modified by metadata
 direction   : 'n',     // direction of tooltip
 followMouse : true,    // tooltip follows mouse movement
 content     : 'title', // attribute containing tooltip text
 speed       : 300,     // tooltip fadein speed
 local       : false,   // if true, the script attaches the tooltip locally; if false, the tooltip is added to the body
 xOffset     : 20,      // x distance from mouse (no negative values)
 yOffset     : 20,      // y distance from mouse (no negative values)
 zIndex      : 1000,    // z-index of tooltip

 // options not supported by metadata
 live           : false,                 // use live event support?
 metadata       : 'class',               // attribute that contains the metadata, use "false" (no quotes) to disable the metadata.
 activate       : 'mouseenter focusin',  // how tooltip is activated
 deactivate     : 'mouseleave focusout', // how tooltip is deactivated
 cacheData      : true,                  // Cache data obtained from external pages, set to false if the data is dynamic.
 websitePreview : '', // use your own custom thumbnail service (api string -

 // Callbacks
 initialized    : null,               // occurs when the tooltip is called - when hovering over an object
 beforeReveal   : null,               // occurs when the tooltip is fully formed, but still hidden
 revealed       : null,               // occurs when the tooltip is revealed
 hidden         : null,               // occurs when the tooltip is hidden (removed)

 // Messages
 loading        : 'Loading...',       // Message shown while content is loading
 notFound       : 'No tooltip found', // Message shown when no tooltip content is found
 imagePreview   : 'Image preview',    // image alt message for the image shown in the preview tooltip
 siteScreenshot : 'URL preview: ',    // image alt message for site screenshots, this message is followed by the URL

 // change tooltip, screenshot and preview class - note that all classes have a "." in front
 tooltip        : '.tooltip',         // tooltip class (include period ".")
 screenshot     : 'a.screenshot',     // screenshot class (include period ".")
 preview        : 'a.preview',        // preview class (include period ".")
 preloadContent : '.preload',         // Add this class to preload tooltip content (not preview or screenshot).
 sticky         : '.sticky',          // Add this class to make a tooltip sticky. Only one tooltip on the screen at a time though.

 // tooltip & preview ID (div that contains the tooltip)
 tooltipId      : 'tooltip',          // ID of actual tooltip (do not include the "#" in front)
 previewId      : 'preview'           // ID of screenshot/preview tooltip (do not include the "#" in front)

HTML examples (see more in the provided demo pages):

<a class="tooltip {direction:n; width:100px;}" href="" title="Tooltip Content">Displayed text</a>
<a class="preview {direction:e; text-align:center;}" href="google2.jpg" title="Google's Logo"><img src="google1.jpg" /></a>
<a class="screenshot {direction:e;}" href="" rel="#" title="<center>Google</center>">Google</a>

Change Log

Version 2.8.6 (9/16/2012)

  • Fixed an issue with preloading a non-existent image. Also from issue #1.

Version 2.8.5 (4/18/2012)

  • Fixed an error that occurrs when no preload images are found. Fix for issue #1.

Version 2.8.4 (1/13/2012)

  • Fixed an issue where links to "#" without a title would cause an error
  • Added extradata option to point to the extra tooltip data; default is the "rel" attribute.

Version 2.8.3 (12/26/2011)

  • Fixed an issue with the hidden event/callback not firing on sticky tooltips
  • Added package file to register this plugin with jQuery plugins.

Version 2.8.2 (6/5/2011)

  • Changed events from "jatt-{event}" to "{event}.jatt" to better fit namespaced events. This makes Jatt events only work properly with jQuery 1.4.3+.
  • Changed callback named from "jatt-{event}" to just "{event}".
  • Added a sticky class, which when added to the tooltip, will make the tooltip sticky and included a close button.
  • Cleaned up and updated pages to be HTML5 compliant and added a new navigation menu.
  • Moved CSS from the file into an external file.
  • Moved all demo files into a separate directory.

Version 2.8.1 (3/4/2011)

  • Preview and Screenshot images will not automatically preload without having a preload class.

Version 2.8 (2/28/2011)

  • Modified the code to work better with HTML5 data-attributes.

    • It will first look in the bracketed metadata stored in the attribute named in metadata option.
    • Then it'll look for unbracketed metadata - you really only need to put brackets around the metadata when in the class attribute.
    • If still nothing is found, it will fall back on any metadata stored in "data-jatt".
    • Updated the demo page to demonstrate the differences - look for the "Meta in class" checkbox at the bottom.
  • Added websitePreview option which should contain the thumbnail provider api string (everything but the url). Also, the thumbnail provider is now "".

  • Added callbacks (initialization option) and events (bound to the document).

    // Callback example
    'jatt-revealed' : function(obj){
      // obj = object hovered/focused
      // do something
    // Event example
    $(document).bind('jatt-revealed', function(e, obj){
    // e = event object, obj = object hovered/focused
    // do something after the tooltip has been revealed

Version 2.7 (12/2/2010)

  • Added a preloadContent option which contains the class to trigger tooltip content to preload from an external page.
    • This change was necessary for tooltips with direction set to 'n' (north) because when the content is added, it stretches the tooltip down and under the mouse causing the tooltip link to trigger a mouseleave event closing the tooltip. Then the user must move the mouse to trigger the mouseover event to open the tooltip again. And we all know how none of use like things that flicker. Whew.
    • Also note that the tooltip element itself must have the preload class. So using '.tooltips a' would not trigger the preloads.
    • If you want to preload all the tooltip content, then just set the preloadContent to the same class as tooltip.
  • Added cacheData option to save data obtained from external pages. Set it to false for dynamic tooltip data.
  • Fixed preloading image script, so now the Websnapr image does preload.

Version 2.6 (11/19/2010)

  • Added content preload (for external pages) for tooltips.
  • Added more options to allow modification of messages - in case you want to use a different language ;)
  • Separated image preview and screenshot scripts to work properly if the screenshot or preview class is made to target tags without the class (e.g. '.previews a')

Version 2.5 (11/19/2010)

  • Added image preload for preview and screenshot tooltips to fix tooltip positioning issues, but this doesn't seem to work for Websnapr images.

Version 2.4 (11/7/2010)

  • Fixed a problem that was only occurring in IE - undefined variable error.
  • Cleaned up the code a bit and tried to fix other potential problems.

Version 2.3 (10/12/2010)

  • Added github pages
  • Changed object cloning method - now using jQuery method

Version 2.2 (10/3/2010)

  • Added support for old tooltip script (css contained in rel attribute)

Version 2.1 (8/24/2010)

  • Convert script into a plugin.
  • Added Metadata - can modify tooltip css and script options.
  • Added tooltip positioning - tooltips will display in a specific direction.
  • Added additional contents sources - can be obtained from external pages (domains if you use James Padolsey's included script).
  • Removed dhtmltooltip support, but the commented code was left in, in case someone still needs it.

Version 2.0.1 (8/29/2009)

  • Added support to the screenshot script.

Version 2.0 (6/10/2009)

  • Combined the three original scripts by Alen Grakalic.
  • Added support for dhtmltooltip.

Version 1.0 (5/8/2008)

  • Original tooltip script by Alen Grakalic.
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